Boysenberry Yogurt Parfait- Berry Happy Fourth of July!

granola + yogurt + ripe juicy boysenberries 

This really doesn't need a recipe.The top layer is just juicy berries mashed with yogurt ( I used plain, non fat) and a teaspoon of sugar if the berries are too tart. Just stir them up with a spoon in a coffee mug. ( that's how I eat it when I don't have to make it look pretty for pics- in a coffee mug). No food colouring, that beautiful pink (not quite red) came from the berries.  The middle layer is plain yogurt with or without sugar to sweeten  and the bottom layer is granola, graham craker crumbs, cereal, whatever you want.
Top with berries and enjoy a chilled fresh and fruity healthy dessert, breakfast or snack.
Berry Happy Fourth of July everyone! 


  1. Nice dessert or a breakfast..this one looks very delicious and fresh :)

  2. Love this!!! It looks so inviting and yet easy !!

    First time on your blog. Following you now.

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  3. Thank you! Rekha, Sinfoodie and Vimitha!
    Sinfoodie, hope you enjoyed your visit, thanks for following :)

  4. Such a delicious n yummy dessert..looks yumm

  5. I love this. Simple and delicious.


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