The Kerala Kitchen on your blog!

Update: Only one more slot is available to host year, so hurry!

Calling for hosts for our monthly cooking club featuring Kerala cuisine The Kerala Kitchen in the coming months! Ria will be travelling and I too plan on making a trip to India towards the end of the year, and we would love to have you host the event in the coming months from August to December 2011.
As host you would basically post an event announcement on your blog calling for entries to that month's event. Participants will email you their entries by the end of the month and you will need to post a round up on your blog by the beginning of the next month.
If you are interested and quite sure that you will be able to host, then do send me a mail to magpiemails AT gmail DOT com or leave a comment here with your email id so that I can get in touch and mail you the details.


  1. I would be so happy to host Kerala Kitchen.KK is one reason that I try to post at least one Kerala dish each month.

  2. hi i would like to host this event in the month of

  3. Thanks Vidhya, that's so sweet! Shall I pen you in for August?
    Fajeeda- November is all yours :)
    Divya I would absolutely love to have you host too! Which month would you like?

  4. Hey I would also love to be a part of it :)

  5. That's great Khushi, October is ok with you?


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