It's Sugar High Friday! SHF #76: Rice Sweets

Note: This event is now closed. Round up is posted here 

I have a weakness for dessert (just in case you had missed all this talk of cakes and cookies and cream puff swans ) and one of the blog events I eagerly check out is Sugar High Friday created by the awesome Jennifer, The Domestic Goddess. SHF is often described as an “international sweet tooth blogging extravaganza” with a different theme ever month, and each one dessert! Aaaand guess who is the giddy excited host this month? Me!! Yes, I get to open my inbox and hopefully get a sugar rush of toothsome posts from around the blogspohere all month long! Sweet! 


This month’s theme is Rice. As sweet is the nature of SHF, you can make any dessert you like as long as it features rice in any form as one of the main ingredients: Flattened, toasted, puffed, steamed, cooked, rice flour, rice cake, rice cereal, rice milk..rice in anyway is nice, but just make sure its sweet! :)  
Rice is a special boon for those allergic to dairy and gluten and often an ingredient in gluten free mixes so desserts made with gluten free flour mixes containing brown or sweet rice flour are fine too. 
Rice pudding, rice krispie treats, horchata, mochi, rice ice cream, South Indian sweet appams, ari unda...there are delicious rice based desserts from around the world, so go on be inspired and surprice us ;)

Deadline and Participation Requirements

Anyone can participate.

Make a dessert that incorporates Rice as a major ingredient– it can be any kind of dessert you like, it does not have to be baked: it can be cooked, microwaved or even raw.

The deadline for submitting your entries is Monday, August 22nd extened deadline till Thursday 26th to accommodate late entries . The round-up will be posted Friday, Aug 26th , 2011. Email your entries to me before or by Monday, August 22nd., 2011 at the following email address:

magpiemails [at] gmail [dot] com

In your email, please include:

  • Your name
  • Your blog’s name and url
  • The link to your entry blog post
  • A brief summary of your entry, including any sources, i.e. cookbook or food blog, and other helpful info such as if your entry is also dairy-free or sugar-free, etc. (Note: your recipe does not have to be sugar-free or dairy-free in order to be eligible.)
  • Attach 1 picture of your creation, preferably not wider than 500 pixels.
  • If you do not have a blog, you can still email me your pictures with the above details and I will include it in the round up. If you want to share just a  rice sweet recipe, do post it in a comment below, we would love it!
  • In your entry blog post( for those of you with blogs), please be sure to add a link to  Jennifer’s SHF page and this announcement post to help spread the word.

Need Inspiration?
Check out the previous hosts and round ups for SHF here 
Nags of Edible Garden hosted a Monthly Mingle  featuring many rice desserts and dishes here
Priya of Priya's Easy and Tasty also had a rice sweets celebration here


  1. Amazing event Rose. Will surely participate in this.

  2. I love desserts too. Don't know if i am making a dessert with rice soon, if i make them i will sure send them your way.Happy Hosting.

  3. I can think of so many Kerela sweets for this one!

  4. Thanks girls! Look forward to all your entries!

  5. I got to send one for this sugary event!!

  6. My nutella moji count right? It's made with rice flour! I don't have a website but I can send in my recipes and pics to you if that's okay. Thanks!

  7. Totally totally counts Jardeeling! haha thanks!


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