Welcome to the Kerala Kitchen! 

~ A treasure trove of Kerala Delicacies and growing community of those passionate about preserving and sharing Kerala cuisine! ~

Welcome to Kerala Kitchen - a cooking club for those who are in love with  Kerala food!  I started this group with fellow mallu and talented blogger Ria of Ria's collection as a way to meet  foodies who share a similar passion for cooking authentic Kerala delicacies or those with a modern but unmistakable Kerala twist! 

We now have a brand new blog for the event over at

We will meet every month to share the dishes we have cooked that are inspired by the flavors of Kerala. Be it by the traditional Malayali cuisine, that features dishes as varied and delectable as those of the Onam Sadhya to the Malabar parotta or Syrian Christian "ishtoo" or inspired by the flavours of unmistakably Kerala ingredients like the blazing heat of aromatic spices, the sweetness of coconut milk, the tang of tamarind or the myriad tastes, smells, textures and sights that remind you of this little state proudly called "God's own country".
The Kitchen closes on the 30th of every month and will be reopened at the beginning of the next. 

To introduce some friendly food blogging competition, Kerala Kitchen will be giving badges for the foll categories:
  • Top Dish
  • Best Pic
  • Top Contributor : Most number of entries
  • Member: All participants will get Kerala Kitchen member badges
So get your game on!

Basic Rules
  • Cook a dish (or as many as you like)  that is inspired by Kerala. Be it a traditional Malayali dish like Idiyappam or Kappa and Meen curry, or your unique take on it, even a dish that features a flavour or ingredient that reminds you of Kerala but may not be typical Malayali fare (like coconut macaroons maybe?) and post it on your blog anytime before or on the 30th of that month
If you are looking for ideas check out Ria's Malabar Chatti pathiri- the inspiration behind this event! Ria's Konju varuthatu, My mother-in-law's recipe for Noolappam, My mom's Stew in coconut milk or "ishtoo", and my grand aunt's Mango pudding  or any of the entries from the previous roundups.
Some of the typical ingredients : Coconut, bananas and plantains, tapioca/ yucca, mango, jackfruit, lentils, cashews, pepper, cardamom, cloves, tamarind, rice and rice flour, ginger, curry leaves, jaggery, buttermilk... 
  • Email your entries to the host with your name, a photograph of your dish (preferably a thumbnail, no wider than 300 pixels) and a link to your post before or on the 30th of that month. If you don't have a blog, simply email your entry and photograph to the host if you want us to include it.
  • You can also submit  posts you made earlier by simply editing them to include the links to the event. No need to repost them. 
  • In your post (as well as the older posts submitted for the event) please include a link to the host's event announcement post as well as this the main Kerala Kitchen blog:
  • Feel free to add  these cute badges with a link to to your blog post or sidebar and spread the word that you are a proud member of Kerala Kitchen!


      1. THis sounds very interesting - I have just bought a puttu container and this might be a perfect time to use it...I will certainly try to send the entry in, if it turns out well...

      2. Will be awesome to have your Puttu at our table!

      3. This comment has been removed by the author.

      4. How brilliant and exciting! I have lots of recipes that can go to this event--already posted as well as ones in draft. Actually, my blog has a tab dedicated to the cuisine of Kerala.

        Thank you, girls, for organizing this event--wonderful effort! Can't wait to participate!

      5. Thanks Nashira! Your entries are lovely :)

      6. I had posted only one kerala dish this month (on 25th jan) and 2 or 3 last month(dec 2010).
        pls let me know which all can I send in, without reposting,so that I can send in right away! :)

      7. This sounds great...:-)
        Hope to c lots of traditional dishes..
        I have posted one entry in my blog..
        Will mail you the details..

      8. Hi Magpie, I am sorry I have missed the deadline - Been very busy organizing a bunch of things ... Can I still send to you by the end of the week?

      9. Bharathy and Now serving, sorry we missed you this month. Do join us for the February Kerala Kitchen hosted by Ria of
        Have left the same comment on your lovely blogs.
        Ramya thanks for your entry! had so much fun! Thank you all for coming over! Waiting to see what you all come up with this month!

      10. Oh I didn't mean the cooking bit!

      11. Brilliant initiative. Kudos to all who are part of this endeavour. I am proud to be part of the Kerala Kitchen community.

      12. Wonderful to take part..
        Will check again..sure there will be a rich collection of traditional recipes.

      13. Absolutely thrilled by this event. I would love to participate .....

      14. Just tell me how I contribute an already posted recipe..

        a)This recipe is off to Kerala Kitchen.(with this page link )
        b)This recipe is submitted to Kerala Kitchen.
        (ingane mathiyo?)

      15. Dharalam mathi Bharathy! To submit an already posted recipe, you just need to edit that post to mention that you are sending it to Kerala Kitchen (with the link to this page or our brand new blog: )
        Look froward to seeing you this month :)

      16. Anita (sliceofmylyfe) Suja and Malli- welcome!
        do check out our brand new home as well:

      17. Hi
        I just posted a post with a link to kerala kitchen.
        I really wanted to post early in the day .... sorry due to the match just got hooked to it....

        Anyway thanks for hosting an event...


      18. Hi Magpie, Thanks for stopping by and you wonderful comments dear - I have a Vitamix, a commercial strength blender that I use for my idli grinding... I use my food processor for things like vadai, usilis which need to be ground kind a course. Hope this helps :)

      19. Hi,
        I have already sent my post details in your email ID. Can you please tell me if I have to do anything else for participating in this event?

      20. Hi Khushi ( a girls diary) got your lovely entry, thanks and welcome to the Kerala Kitchen!

      21. Hey Magpie...where is the round up for this event??

      22. Magpie, I would like to host this event on my blog dear Is Dec available still?
        IF not, I can do Feb 2012 when you set up the lineup - cheers, priya

      23. I so love the recipes shared here. This is a good read, worth my time spent in reading it! Thanks for sharing!

      24. This Blog is too good :) Keep posting

      25. Your initiative is good and active . . i liked your Blog !!

      26. your event is superb like,.. is there the event hosting is available for any of future month ... please let me know... we are interested in hosting this event...

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      28. Hi

        Interesting event. Would love t participate. Nice blog as well.

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