The Kerala Kitchen July 2011 is open for entries!

The Kerala Kitchen June 2011 event round up is up! Click here to check out all the awesome entries we received.  Apologies for my chronic procrastination :( Do submit your entries to take part this month as we continue to celebrate Kerala cuisine here at Magpie's Recipes. Look forward to seeing all your delicious dishes! Do check out the Kerala Kitchen blog and rules ( they are pretty simple!) if you are participating for the first time. 

From Aug to Dec 2011 Ria and I would like to invite you to be hosts since we will both be travelling. If you are interested, do indicate which month you would like to host and either leave a comment with your email id or mail me at magpiemails AT gmail DOT com


  1. Hi Rose,

    I have submitted 4 entries via the form above.

  2. and one more...Mussels thoran posted now :-)

  3. Hiya, I dont know if I should link the recipe entry for kerala kitchen here as well, but anyway here's the link:

  4. Hi Rose,
    I've submitted 2 entries for Kerala Kitchen

  5. Is the july one still open?
    I love the header- the new one. Awesome Rose.


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