diy ice cream maker and bourbon peach egg-less ice cream with rice crispies

There is nothing like a peach when it is in season. Sweet, soft and  juicy, the way it is meant to be. Right now the farmer's markets here are filled with  glorious stone fruits, and not so many berries as the weeks before. Dizzying varieties of peaches and nectarines, pluots and plums. From a deep ruby red, to white and soft rose tinged. We had a fabulous time, eating our way through the samples, sweet juicy fruits making out fingers sticky and stained pink. The little monkey clutched a strawberry, completely besotted by it. He refused to eat it with the expression that clearly stated that he found it too pretty to eat. He was very upset when it slipped out of his fingers after a while. A slice of sweet, golden peach  quickly helped him forget his loss and he had no problems devouring slice after slice, like the rest of us!

A mom of two walked past carrying a basket filled with fruits that her children were gorging on, both hanging on to the handles and fruit juices around their mouth and dribbling down their chins. "This is even better than a leash!"I heard her exclaim. I agree. If you were carrying a basket of these peaches, I might follow you around too!

I had a carton of cream and inspired by my new copy of Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams at Home, I decided to make her bourbon ice cream and add some roasted peaches, to use up some of the peaches that were not as sweet as the others, which we had quickly finished.
Since I am hosting Sugar High Friday with the theme of Rice Sweets, I decided to serve the ice cream on a bed of rice crispies for a bit of crunch in lieu of a cone or wafer. Fabulous, if I may say so myself :)

Since I no longer have the ice cream maker that helped me with glorious salty caramel icecream and pistachio ice cream,  I decided to make one myself!

If you look at the popular ice cream makers you will see that all they really are is a bowl with inbuilt jel like liquid which becomes frozen so that the bowl becomes really cold, and a mixer attachment which churns the ice cream base so that it prevents ice crystals from forming and making the ice cream gritty.

The above image is from thekitchn

Instead, inspired by my friend Sarah's irresistible mango fro yo and this post in Thekitchn I used two bowls, one larger than the other ( Metal preferably), a stick blender or  handheld mixer. I filled the larger bowl with about and inch of water and kept it in the freezer for about 2-3 hours until it froze. Then I placed the smaller bowl ( actually a steel saucepan) on top of this and poured water around this bowl ( not inside the smaller bowl, just around it) and put both bowls in the freezer again until the ring of water surrounding the inner bowl froze hard ( overnight). Or you can just use a whole lot of ice cubes sprinkled with rock salt or kosher salt. The addition of salt as one of my readers pointed out, actually draws out heat as the ice melts making your ice cream mix even colder. The picture above is from thekitchn illustrating how simple this is. There you have it- a homemade ice cream maker!

Then after making the ice cream base I just poured in the smaller bowl in the freezer and beat the mixture  well once every hour for about 3 hours so that it wouldn't form ice crystals. I won't say the texture is as great as using an ice cream maker, but it comes really, really close! For another ice cream base that has more fat content like one with lots of eggs or condensed milk the results would be even smoother than this one which is mainly milk and cream.
Yes it is some more work, but not really all that much, it takes the same amount of time because even with a store bought ice cream maker you need to freeze the bowl overnight. so until I cave and buy an ice cream maker some day in the far of future, this is how I will be making ice cream at home, and I am already dizzy with the thought of so many possibilities. Summer, please don't end!

For more on how to make your own ice cream maker, click here 
bourbon peach ice cream with rice crispies
Recipe adapted from Bourbon Pecan ice cream from Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams at Home By Jeni Britton


  • 5 peaches ( you can also use other fruits instead like strawberries, nectarines, figs, apricots, or plums)
  • 1 Tbsp unsalted butter, melted
  • 1/4 cup bourbon or liqueur of your choice ( optional but this helps to keep the ice cream soft so I recommend it)
  • 2 cups whole milk ( not low fat or skim milk)
  • 2 tbs light corn syrup ( I just use Aunt Jemima's pancake syrup since it listed corn syrup as its main ingredient!)
  • 1 1/2 oz or 3 tbs softened cream cheese (you could try using hung curd instead though I haven't tried it)
  • 1 tbs plus 1 tsp cornstarch
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1/4 tsp sea salt
  • 1 1/4 cup heavy cream
  • big bag of crushed ice or ice cubes to cool the ice cream base

Special Equipment: ice-cream maker or home made ice cream maker: the two bowls and a hand held mixer.

First roast the peaches:

  • Preheat oven to 400 F
  • Slice the peaches in half, remove the seeds and place the fruits in an oven safe baking dish, tossing them with 1/4 cup sugar
  • Bake for 30 mins until they are soft and the skin looks collapsed and slightly brown and caramelized in parts.
  • Keep aside to cool and then peel away the skin.
  • Blend them in your blender/ mixie / food processor/ stick blender without adding water and keep.

Make the ice cream base:

  • In a small bowl or cup take 2 tablespoons of the milk  and sir in the cornstarch until smooth.
  • In another large bowl, mix together 1/4 tsp of salt and cream cheese with a fork. Set both aside.
  • Put the rest of the milk, corn syrup, sugar and cream in a large saucepan.
  • Place the pan over medium high heat.  When the mixture reaches a rolling boil (meaning it continues to bubble and boil even if you stir it), let it continue to boil for 4 minutes.
  • After 4 mins, remove from heat.
  • Take the cornstarch mixture and stir for one last time and then slowly pour it into the saucepan, mixing well.
  • Put the saucepan back on medium heat and bring the mixture to a boil while stirring. Boil for one minute. It should thicken a little bit in this time. Remove from heat.
  • Take a large heat proof cup or deep small bowl and place a gallon size plastic freezer bag inside(I used Ziploc brand).  Leave the top gaping open.  Also, fill your sink with some water and then pour in the bag of ice.  Place the bagged cup or bowl close by the sink.
  • Pour 1/2 cup of the milk mixture into the bowl of cream cheese and whisk until smooth.  Slowly add the rest of the liquid, and half of the peach puree and whisk, with stick blender or electric whish until well combined.
  • Reserve the other half of the peach puree.
  • Pour in the bourbon and stir well.
  • Pour all of the batter into the zip lock bag and seal top. Then immerse bag in ice bath.
  • Set the timer for 30 minutes and leave the bag immersed so the batter can get cold. After that, pour it into ice cream maker and follow manufacturers instructions.
If using the DIY ice cream maker i.e two bowls with ice covering the sides of the inner bowl, pour the cold ice cream base into the inner bowl.
Beat the mix for 10 minutes by which time it would have become frothy and cold (Tho not icy)
Now carefully put the whole assortment ( of two bowls and the ice ) into the freezer.
After an hour, the contents would have the texture somewhat like of a pudding. Mix the contents with the stick blender or electric whisk well to break up ice crystals so that the ice cream will be smooth. The kitchen recommends that you beat the mix for 5 minutes after which the ice cream will be soft serve consistency
( If you want to add in toasted nuts, chocolate chips etc, this is the time to gently mix it in with a spatula or spoon)
Remove the inner bowl and place it back in the freezer for about two hours or overnight to freeze harder like traditional ice cream.
Your homemade ice cream is ready to eat as is or go crazy with toppings!

Storing: Empty ice cream into a container, alternating the ice cream with spoonfuls of  reserved peach puree in layers for the swirly variegated look and a deeper peachy taste. Put the lid and cover ice cream with parchment paper or plastic to prevent ice crystals forming on the surface.It can be stored for upto 2 months.

Serving: You can either mix the reserved peach puree with the ice cream as I mentioned above and freeze it so that you get a swirly effect or you can pour it as a topping. I liked sprinkling on a lot of rice crispies for some crunch!
This is going off to my Sugar High Friday event hosted by me Rose of Magpie's Recipes. For details on participating click here  Last date to enter is Aug 22nd!

also sending this to Susan who is hosting Veggie/Fruit a month started by Priya 


Verdict: This may just be the best ice cream ever! But then I always say that after trying anything from Jeni! The peach lends a subtle flavour and the bourbon totally compliments it. The texture was a little more crystal y than store bought ice cream because I didn't use an ice cream maker, but definitely, infinitely yummier ( except if that store happened to be a (Jeni's Splendid ice cream parlour in Ohio or one of these locations  including some in California Yay! where it is also available) and T,  the resident ice cream expert who introduced me to Jeni's agreed.  Seriously the joy from creating your own ice cream flavour is unmatched, and you don't even need an ice cream maker! Now you have no reason not to go and create your own, and a bounty of summer fruits to try them with too!  


  1. What a brilliant idea it is. Thanks so much for sharing this DIY icecream maker. Now I can't excuse myself from making icecreams.

  2. Excellent work...A idea good for pocket...will try it..Ice cream looks very tempting..

  3. Ice-cream looks so creamy and wonderful flavors in it dear...

  4. Thank you girls! Do try it and let me know :) highly recommend Jeni's recipes. Really easy and so yum!

  5. wow Rose... this is fabulous! Im flattered tht my froyo inspired you :) love the idea of keeping the bowl with ice-cream in a larger bowl of ice while beating it! thanks for the tip. Interesting addition of corn starch..

  6. yummy and perfect ice cream...everytime i think of sticking to a diet, these recipes make me go crazy :-)

  7. Awesome DIY work rose:-) What a great tip for us:-) Loved the texture of the ice cream..!perfectooo

  8. Too good Rose! I have wanted to own an ice cream maker but I guess now I change my mind. This is a superb idea. The texture of the ice cream looks perfect.

  9. Delicious ice cream to cope up with the sweet tooth. Very informative post.

  10. Great to know that your machine-free ice cream worked out well! I don't have the space/money for one but I love the idea of making your own flavors! Loving the photos (the last, especially) and your pretty petal bowls ;p. Looks like you're having fun playing still.

  11. Thank you Sarah, Ramya, Ramya, Rinku, San and Xiaolu! I am so glad you like the photos! grinning from ear to ear! yes, I took the camera out of the house for the first time to the farmers market :)
    haha you remember my quest for those petal bowls! tried china town, etsy and finally found them on amazon!

  12. Ice-cream looks so creamy and wonderful flavors in it dear...

  13. I have good experiences with using ice cubes with a generous scattering of salt. The reaction when the salt melts the ice cubes actually consumes heat, making the mix colder than mere ice cubes...

    Also, that ice cream sounds delicious!

  14. How gorgeous is that? I'll wager it tastes as good as it looks. This is my first visit to your site, so I took some time to browse through your earlier entries. I'm so glad I did that. I really like the food and recipes you share with your readers and I'll definitely be back. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  15. Thanks for that great tip flaneurgardening! Will add it to the post :)
    Thank you so much Divya and Mary! Thanks so much for visiting :)

  16. beautiful flavors here..need some in this heat now.last year I did a roasted peach too but with rosemary and ginger in it.

  17. mmm mmmm rosemary ginger and peach does sound WONDERFUL Soma! Thank you!

  18. You had me at Bourbon Peach! It's totally the season. And tomorrow (the 24th) it's Peach Pie day! Are you going to celebrate?

  19. Aaahh Peach pie! Wish I could, maybe next year!

  20. Love the flavor of the ice cream and love it more so because its sans an ice cream maker! Thanks for sharing! :)

  21. Loved this ice cream and thanks for the tip on DIY ice cream maker. I have still not invested in an ice cream maker so ice cream making was not possible, now thanks to you I can make some homemade ice cream before the end of summer.

  22. haha nothing stops someone determined to eat ice cream! btw, voted for you in that sf weekly thing :)

  23. Peaches and bourbon are a summer Southern classic. Thanks for your VFAM recipe, Magpie. I am bookmarking this - definitely want to try this method. We have an ice cream machine, and though it is nice, the texture of the finished product disappoints me (for ice cream, not ices). I have a feeling beating creates a creamier volume than churning.

  24. Thanks so much Nags! You are a sweet heart! Thanks Deepa and Susan!
    I had an ice cream maker the Cuisinart dual canister one which I loved but decided not to keep since it was waay too big. It made very smooth ice cream. In fact this method does have some crystals compared to the ones I made with the machine. Still I think I will be using this method and not buying one unless an army moves nearby and agrees to eat all the ice cream I can make!

  25. The salt does not "draw out the heat." It actually lowers the temperature of the ice cream below water's ordinary freezing point. With salt, the mixture can get as cold as -6 degrees Fahrenheit!

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