black and white wednesday: bagel breakfast

Canon T3i  18-55mm lens  f/5 iso 1000

Hope you are all having a lovely week soaking up the summer sun! Friends on the East Coast, hope the mild quake you experienced did not cause any problems and all is well with you all. From what I hear it was more puzzling than worrying, so that is good. Here in California we experience mild tremors now and then, though I still have not got used to them and still panic a little. Just another reminder about how fragile life is, and how everything great and small is all in God's hands. 

Here is a picture I took of morning coffee and bagels for Susan's Black and White Wednesday, a culinary photo event

I shot it in colour and then used the free online editing program Picnic by Google Photos to play around with various effects including fading black and white, 1960's, vinignette which gives it that darker edge as well as cross processing.

Since I am learning, I thought it would be a good idea to note down the camera settings mainly for my own reference. Not that anyone else would be interested! ( Fishing for compliments here. Someone please tell me my photographs are pretty and my camera settings are worth knowing.Thanks!) 

Also, here is an article I LOVED on creating moods in photography using lighter or darker back grounds and controlling the exposure and light by Ilva Beretta, somethign that I am playing around with currently, overexposing or underexposing pictures with a +1 ot -1 to create a brighter or darker mood to suit my own mood that day! 

Editing this post to add some GREAT news! I was perusing the awesome Xiaoulu of 6Bittersweets Wednesday Favorites  a collection of photos and recipes that she liked that week and I fell off my chair when I saw that she had included my bourbon peach ice cream in her fabulous list!  I am soo stoked! Head on over there and check out the collection and the rest of her droolworthy blog! 


  1. love it! there is something dreamy abt this shot.

  2. Lovely clicks...loved the play with different effect...nicely done...

  3. Loved your entry for B&W wednesday. Btw I had no idea you stay in bay area. Guess what .. me too :)

  4. Thank you all! Kankana hope we plan that meet up soon :)

  5. this photo is really classy, I like the vintage tint..

  6. monochrome and vinignette gives a beautiful effect! i would so love this kind of breakfast!

  7. A great comp. I love what's going on inside that coffee mug. Thanks, Magpie, for sharing this for BWW.

  8. That is one fabulous photo. I love the light falling on the bagel. It seems like an interesting software that I would like to explore.


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