Easter Menu

In between house hunting and packing, I am so glad that we are invited yet again by Baby T's awesome mom for an Easter get-together, to share laughs and conversation and some awesome food that she whips up despite being a busy working mom. I hope to take something along- a curry and a dessert, and perhaps some appetizers but am thankful that I don't have an entire meal to cook up, and a house to spiffy up, this time.
However, I got to thinking about what I would make if I had to plan a whole day's Easter menu from my previous blog posts, and here it is!I have tried to keep it as close as I could to what we would be eating if I was home in Kerala for Easter. As you can tell, I get very homesick around Easter and Christmas, with my family and T's family too being so far away! But if they all came over, to spend Easter here, this is what I would love to cook! 

Idiappam/ Noolappam/String hoppers or Bread with 
Chicken Stew in Coconut milk  or "Ishtoo" or 
Cooked bananas- Caramelized Bananas Roasted bananas/ Pazam Chuttu or Bananas boiled in sugar syrup- pazham Puzangitu with Puttu or 
Wholewheat Dosas- Savory Pancakes with potato masala

Swapna's Tasty Tuna Cutlets

Lunch/ dinner
Pork Vindaloo
Easy and quick Pressure cooker Chicken Curry in Coconut Milk
with Steamed rice, Appams or Malabar Parathas or 
Mom's Chicken Biryani   or 
Easy Baked Chicken with baked potatoes and steamed beans and garlic bread 

Tea/ Snacks
Coconut kissed Banana Bread (Vegan, Dairy-free and egg-less, quick and one bowl too!) 
Wholewheat eggless Nankhatais
Cardamom Vanilla Buttermilk Pound cake
With filter coffee or masala chai!

3 layered mango or orange pudding  or
Perfect Party cake with lemon curd filling and lemony whipped cream frosting

Wish you all a Happy Easter and a wonderful week end!Would love to know what you'll are cooking up this week end for some inspiration :) Do  leave a comment! 


  1. That's a nice menu Rose! I made Veg Fried Rice, Maria’s Easter Chicken curry, Kadai Paneer, Chicken Kababs and White Chocolate Mousse with Passion fruit :)

  2. Hope you had a great Easter.I did try your lemon curd but couldn't make the cake as my neck and hand was hurting so badly from Friday.So I presented my friends a bottle of lemon curd and two of them just called me just now and told me how wonderful it tasted.Thank you dear for sharing a wonderful treat that I could share with my friends.

  3. Thats a very lovely menu to choose from. So many to choose from.

  4. Thanks girls! We had a wonderful Easter, hope you did too!
    Swapna your menu sounds divine!
    Vidhya I am so so happy you liked the Lemon curd!It stays well in the freezer so I have a little left!
    I also used the curd to fill some cream puffs, which was awesome too!

  5. Omg, wat a wonderful menu,dunno wat to choose, so many dishes to enjoy without any hesitation,belated Easter wishes..

  6. happy belated easter.. fantastic sounding menu. Hope it was a day filled with fun..

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  8. Happy Easter in advance ! Definitely a great menu. Will try few of these in our kitchen as well.


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