Announcing food photography event DMBLGIT (Does My Blog Look Good In This?) April 2011 edition

Update: Winners have been announced here

I am so thrilled to be hosting one of my most favourite events this month! I've had such a hard time keeping my excitement levels under control!

"Does My Blog Look Good in This?" popularly known as DMBLGIT is a food photography contest or rather THE food photography contest, which was started in 2005 by Andrew of SpittoonExtra. It's best described as a monthly food and drink photography event open to all bloggers who have posted a food photograph on their blogs during the previous month. At least 6 awards are given each month based on scoring of photographs in the 3 categories of edibility, aesthetics, and originality by 5 judges. 

This month I have the honor of having a group of really AWESOME people who have graciously agreed to  judge the event: Zoe Francois of Zoe Bakes and cook book author of the Bread in 5 series, food bloggers and friends Ria Mathew of Ria's Collection and Shaheen Peerbhai of The Purple Foodie, and food photographer Dario Milano of Food Pixels. Helene Dujardin of My Tartlette, who is also launching a much awaited book on food photography and styling Plate to Pixel will choose her favourite picture, from those that didn't make it to the winning list, but received high scores from the other judges. 

Do check out last month's breathtaking winning entries and gallery of all the spectacular entries over at the awesomely talented and sweet Xiaolu's site  6Bittersweets for some inspiration. Let me warn you though, you may experience awe, food cravings and a strong desire to bite your computer screen! 
General DMBLGIT Rules:
  • Only one food/drink photograph may be entered per person.
  • The photograph must have been taken by you.
  • The photograph must have been posted on your blog between March 1st through March 31st, 2011.
  • The deadline to submit your entry is April 20, 2011 at midnight, whenever that is in your part of the world.
The Panel of judges will choose 6 winners based on the following criteria:
Aesthetics: composition, food styling, lighting, focus, etc.
Edibility: does the photo make us want to take a big bite out of our computer monitor while drooling on our keyboard?
Originality: a photo that makes you stop, look twice, and think “Wow! I never thought of photographing it like that before.”

Three overall winners will be selected plus one in each of the 3 categories. Apart from this one photo that  stands out, but wasn’t chosen as a winner will also be picked usually by the host, but thankfully the lovely Helene who is a much more qualified person for that job, will be doing it this month! My post announcing the winners for this month will be published by May 1, 2011 
How to Enter DMBLGIT:
Send an e-mail with "DMBLGIT Entry" as the subject line to me at magpiemails [at] gmail [dot] com. In your email, please include:
  • An attachment of a single qualifying food or drink photo you'd like to enter. It should be without text and no more than 500 pixels in width.
  • Your name
  • Your blog URL
  • The title of the image/what it is
  • The URL of the post containing the photograph
  • The camera and lens you used
  • Please also mention if you are a professional photographer or an amateur
Photographs will be loaded into this gallery in Picasa as I receive them. If you don't get an acknowledgment from me within 72 hours of sending your entry, please leave a message in the comments section of this post. By submitting a photo, entrants agree to their photo being redisplayed and altered in size on the host’s page and on the SpittoonExtra DMBLGIT page.
If you have any questions about this month's event, please feel free to email me. Anyone with interest in hosting a future edition of DMBLGIT should email Andrew with "DMBLGIT Host" as the subject. 

I can't wait to see each and every one of your beautiful entries! 

Update: Winners have been announced here


  1. Hey Magpie, I am so happy to hear that you are hosting the most prestigious events out here in the food blogosphere- DMBLGIT! Yay!! Can't wait to see all the delish photographs!

  2. congrats magpie- tht's indeed an honour to host this event ! have fun !

  3. DMBLGIT sounds like a very interesting event.. Will be back for the Roundup:)

  4. Happy hosting Mag's .... will send u shortly:)

  5. Thank you for hosting this month's DMBLGIT. I just submitted my entry! Very excited! :) I can't wait to see everyone's amazing entries!Have a nice weekend!


  6. Happy hosting....just sent u my entry...

  7. Thank you for hosting and just sending you my entry.

  8. Dear Maggie, I sent U my picture 2 days ago...finger crossed ;o)

    This is excellent, finally a food portal which understands what food lovers are looking for. Best wishes and congratulations to the Food Kingdom team!

  10. That's wonderful Magpie. I've just sent you my entry.

  11. Dear Mag...Did you receive my email ?
    I already sent my entry, but I haven't here anything from you yet.

  12. Dear mag

    I've send it yesterday, please check it out. Thank you

  13. Hi Mag,
    I just mailed you my entry for DMBLGIT. Thank you for hosting this beautiful event.


  14. Thank you all for your gorgeous entries! Each and everyone of them are so spectacular and inspiring! Love going through our awesome gallery!


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