Macaron Ice cream sandwiches

Macarons = awesome, Ice cream = awesome
Macarons + icecream =  Infiniteawesomeness!!

The inspiration for these delicious ice cream filled macarons came from my trip to Columbus this Christmas. No, it wasn't the freezing cold or the thick white snow, but a much less abtract source, my favourite ice cream
 destination - Jeni's Ice cream. You may have heard me bitch and moan about there not being a Jeni's next door and that I have to go all the way to Columbus to have a scoop of our favourite flavors ranging from Salty caramel ( you will see it here soon!)  to chocolate with Cayenne. T's favourite is Jeni's Splendid Pistachio ice cream which I found the actual  recipe (straight from Jeni Britton herself! ) to and made last summer.
But this time there was something new at Jeni's. These:

These frozen desserts are a meringue cookie shell filled with ice cream and about the size of my fist. Of course I ate mine (filled with salty caramel ice cream and studded with almonds-Yum!) all in one go. On the way back from the ice cream heaven store. In the car. Licking the melted ice cream off my fingers and feeling a little sick from the sweetness overdose and brain freeze even before we were halfway home.

So naturally I had to give these a try as soon as I could. With a few tweaks- they HAD to be smaller-bite sized, so they could do less harm. I used the coffee macaron shells from my Baileys Macaron cocktails- Mactails and put a round measuring spoonful of store bought (sigh! unfortunately not Jeni's) vanilla ice cream in between the shells. Then inspired by an entry in a previous Mactweets roundup, I rolled the macaron edgewise in some sprinkles so that it stuck to the filling. Then they went into the freezer to rest overnight so that the shells could absorb some moisture and flavour from the ice cream. Then they all got eaten.YUM!

Recipe for macaron shells: See my post here
For Jenis Splendind Pistachio Ice cream, see my post here 

Am sending these macarons to the Mac-attack challenge of dessert inspired macarons at the Mactweets blog

On another note, thanks to all those who have so far sent in entries to my first ever event, featuring dishes inspired by Kerala- Kerala Kitchen. It's been so much fun and nostalgic (cal?) being reminded of childhood favourites I haven't tasted in a while! We are on the last week for entries so those who haven't yet got a chance to mail your entries in, make sure you do to magpiemails(at)gmail (dot) com by the 30th!
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  1. Love the combo they look absloutley delish.

  2. So cute! I love the sprinkles.

  3. What a cute idea! They look adorable!

  4. I really have enjoyed your blog. I have a friend that is Vegan and she makes the most amazing treats. It's funny because a lot of people are very skeptical about the taste of vegan food and recipes. I'm really glad you have been posting about this. I'm going to forward it on to my friends.

    I too love writing and talking about food. I would really appreciate it if you checked out my blog as well
    I welcome any comments or feedback!!

    Thanks again,
    Aisha Foodista

  5. Your macaron are beautiful and would be fantastic on a hot day. I especially love the sprinkles:)

  6. Infiniteawesomeness... yes indeed these are plenty inspired. Love them! Thanks for joining us at MacTweets!

  7. Great blog! Glad to find it. I saw you commented on Dorie's FB page, trying to lure her away from Rome to SF.

  8. Yum, ice cream (especially coffee flavored) and macarons are a delicious combination! The sprinkles add a cute coloring to these MacInspirational treats.

  9. Great macs! I've never tried filling them with ice cream, they look delicious!

  10. Not sure if you know, but Jeni has a cookbook now with all of her ice cream recipes which also includes the recipe for the giant macaron ice cream sandwiches! I've made several batches and they've all come out amazing!

  11. I do Basha! I got it the week it came out! It is excellent. Made a bourbon peach ice cream using her basic recipe as the base:


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