The first ever Kerala Kitchen roundup!

Thank you to all you wonderful people who sent in their amazing dishes to the first ever Kerala Kitchen, our monthly blogging event featuring dishes inspired by Kerala, that was created as a way to celebrate Kerala and connect with others who shared a similar passion for Kerala cuisine and ingredients.

A big heartfelt thank you also to those who spread the word about this event most especially the awesome Ria, my co-host, and also the lovely Divya,  Ramya and Sarah
It was such a wonderful experience to host this, my first ever event. I got to meet some very talented ladies and visually at least sample some wonderful Kerala dishes, some of which I have never come across before, and some which took me back on a very pleasant nostalgia trip!

Initially though I had nightmares, when I thought no one would turn up and that this Kitchen would be empty. But then the days flew by and the dishes started arriving one by one. I am grateful that for a new event hosted for the very first time we got so many entries. I am sure that as the months go by we will definitely see our table much more heavily laden!
Come and meet all the members of the first ever Kerala Kitchen and all our wonderful dishes for this month!

Ria of Ria's Collection sent in these crispy crunchy Curried Chicken Puffs with Homemade Puff pastry

It took me straight to the little bakeries of Kerala. Cochin bakery, Kunjoos, Varkey's and Honest bakery were our favourites, for the delicious savoury puffs or "pups" as they sometimes labeled it, so it was always amusing to see mushroom "pups" and motta/ egg pups! , different kinds of mischurre ( mixture) ,warm, soft cloud like buns studded with tutti fruitty,  bean shaped pastries that had a bright green glaze and were called butter beans...
She also sent in this tantalizing Star gooseberry chutney with Pachha moru / Seasoned Buttermilk
Swapna of Swapnas Cuisine sent in Kappalanga / Omakka Thoran (Stir Fried Raw Papaya with Coconut)
 She also sent Kappalanga (Omakka) Achaar / Raw Papaya Pickle

My grandmothers backyard is filled with pappa marams- papaya trees and my tall gangly brother used to be referred to as "pappa thandu" after these tall and thin papaya trunks in his teens! I love ripe juicy papayas especially slightly chilled and love to scoop up the flesh with a spoon, but I had no idea that raw papaya could be turned into such mouthwatering dishes!
In time for Valentine's day she also sent in these cute heart shaped Tuna cutlets! They are just so adorable! and delicious I'm sure!

Happy cook of My Kitchen Treasures sent in these crispy wafer thin Banana Chips

Driving down to Kerala we used to pass many little thattukadas in Palakkad, where very efficiently 3-4 bananas at a time would be sliced straight into large pots of sizzling oil to make mountains of salty, spicy banana chips. We would buy a large newspaper wrapped package of bananas chips and happily crunch our way to my grandmothers house in Kerala. These chips sure brought back so many wonderful memories!
I love the innovative way she presented her wafer thin Banana Chips. It looks like a shot straight out of a Martha Stewart magazine and is my pick for Best Pic! 

Sadhana of Sensible Veg sent in this delicious Olan I love how Indian food and especially Kerala cuisine offers so many wonderful and healthy vegetable dishes. This is a really good example of a vegetable like the pumpkin we might easily overlook becoming a true delight!
Sneha of  Inspirational art of cooking sent in one of our favourite dishes at home  Beef Ularthiyathu with thenga kotthu 

Nashira of Plateful, wins the Top Contributor  award with the most number of entires, one breathtaking dish after another! 
The reason I also chose her's as the Top Dish is not only am I sure it tasted delicious and is very healthy, Nashira has taken some beautiful pictures of it too and presented it so well. I love how apt it is to the theme of Kerala Kitchen because it features two very Kerala ingredients:
Lentils are very nutritious and a great sources of protein in many Kerala dishes and I love the many innovative ways that we find to prepare them. Bananas are a major ingredient in Kerala cuisine, but its not just the fruit- every part of the tree is used. The trunk of the tree is used for numerous things and is also cooked. The leaves are used as vessels, to thatch the roof of a shanty, even the beautiful purple flower is not discarded but put to good use, as in this wonderful Banana blossom with healthy green gram — Vazhakoombum payarum or Chundum payarum 

Here are her other delicious entries:

The lovely Divya of Easycooking sent in this delicious Kumbalanga Cherupayar Parippu Curry I must say it was a lovely treat to see an entry from her to our Kerala Kitchen as I am always drooling at the desserts she whips up on her blog!
Zareena of  My experiments with food sent in hot hot Parippu Vadas!  I used to look forward to train trips just so that I could gorge on vadas!
She also sent in this fiery red Nadan Meen Curry
Ramya of Hot from my oven also sent in a Vazhapoo-thoran
Sarah of Spoonful of Delight sent in Kappa chips It was my staple when I was at hostel during my college days! We used to munch our way through tins of kappa chips from home so these brought back many memories.
And here are my entries, a healthy Chicken Cheera or Chicken in Spinach Gravy
and Chicken Curry in a Hurry -a super easy and quick, yummy chicken curry in coconut milk.
Thank you to all again for participating!The next Kerala Kitchen will be hosted by Ria of Ria's collection. Event ends on the 28th of Feb so grab those Chattagams and get cooking!

Disclaimer: I am in no way to be held responsible for the intense food cravings, home-sickness and drooling that this roundup may have evoked!


  1. Great round-up,so good to see so many Kerala dishes..made me nostalgic!!

  2. Beautiful round up, R!See, I told you not to worry!! :)

  3. Thanks R for letting me scrape my way in at the very last minute. Its a lovely round-up!

  4. Great Work R!! A big thanks for you for hosting this event !!

  5. Thanks you guys! Was so much fun! Loved having you over :) Ria thanks again for all the support- much needed emotional included! You are the best, Ninja Girl!

  6. Beautiful and delicous round up and thankyou for choosing my pic I am so happy well double happy.
    Thankyou also for hosting the event.

  7. Great round up dear!!! Thank you for hosting the event!

  8. Oh Magpie, I'm so touched and happy to discover the results.

    Thank you and Ria for giving us an opportunity to share our Kerala recipes. A big thank you for the reivew and awards too!You guys have done a wonderful job at organizing the first edition of this event, and finally giving a neat roundup!

    Congratulations, Happy Cook and all the other talented participants!I'm happy to have connected with y'all.

  9. Thanks Happy cook, Swapna and Nashira for your mouth watering dishes! I am soo happy you all came over! Hope you had as much of a good time as I did!

  10. Hi Rose..Great round up..Good to see so many traditional recipies..
    I am happy to pass two awards to you.. Do drop by my space to collect the awards.

  11. Wow nice round up ! So many Keralite recipes under one roof .Do drop by
    when u find time

  12. Thanks Ramya!Am so touched :)Padhu nice to have you over. Hope you will join us at Kerala Kitchen this month over at

  13. Hi Magpie, just now I visited your blog and I am happy and thank you for choosing my recipes. you have done a great job of organizing this event.

  14. Thanks for your wonderful dishes Zareena!Was lovely to have you over!

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