looking back and looking ahead!

Happy New year folks! Hope you all enjoyed the holidays and can look back fondly on the good memories of the year gone by.
2010 marked the second year since I got married to T and moved to this country, Jellybean turned one and this little blog turned two!
I thought it would be fun to remember the year past in some of my favourite recipes.
This was the year I tried some things I've never tried before:
Macarons from my macaron making class which led to these nutella macarons and these ginger macarons, with more to come!

This was also the year I got over my intimidation and tried out this awesome and absurdly easy beer bread and then freaked out with the easy yeasty brioche dough from Artisan Bread in 5 technique to make this brown sugar and apple filled braided brioche bread.

I also discovered the joy of making artisan ice cream at home since I couldn't have Jeni's ice cream all the way from Columbus I followed her tips to make our favourite Pistachio ice cream.

Can't wait for summer to try out more flavours with her simple ice cream base. I have loads of ideas :)
I also obviously let my inner chocoholic feast on these chocolate fantasies. Alice Medrich's Mocha tart and one bowl cocoa brownies were the stars as well as my sis-in-law's recipe for the chocolate cake that never fails.

Lots of fruits got baked into pies, like this pumpkin pie and this here pumpkin ginger cheesecake, sunny citrus cakes and puddings
And I made some vegans very happy with my vegan baking fixation.
The new year is here and I'm excited to see what it brings! My new year resolutions include cooking healthier so I'll be trying to post recipes that are healthy and delicious, so hold me to that and chide me when I post about the coffee chocolate  macarons I've been digging into :|
Something else I want to do is partake in more blogger events and maybe even host a few and a personal goal is to get more organised and so all sorts of lists and time tables are being drafted.
All the best with your resolutions and have a happy 2011! 

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