Today's dinner-Easy Baked Chicken

Today was one of those days when Jelly Bean didn't want me out of his sight. Elaborate cooking plans on these days, with a squirming baby attached to my neck and arm will not work. So instead of having Geek get us more In-and-Out's delicious, really delicious burgers dripping mayo, I surprised him with this easy-peasy, totally awesome baked chicken. With a prep time of about 60 seconds and then tossed in the oven for 50 mins-what else can you ask for? Not even In-and Out!

Easy Baked Chicken
Recipe adapted from: Kim D on here

  • 4 chicken breasts/ or tenderloins, (if you get them with skin they will crisp nicely)
  • 1/4 cup olive oil. (You could also use melted butter if you're feeling naughty :)
  • 1-2 teaspoon Seasoning-All salt (like McCormick's Seasoning salt, I used Mc Cormick's garlic powder and Beef stew seasoning  )
  • 1 tsp pepper
  • 1 tsp dried Oregano (optional) 
  • Preheat oven to 400°F.
  • Take a shallow baking dish and pour half of the olive oil into it.
  • If you want you could also lay some slices of onion, tomato and chopped garlic
  • Now place the chicken breasts
  • Pour the remaining olive oil/butter over the chicken
  • Rub the seasoned salt or other seasoning over the chicken.You could also add some herbs like thyme and rosemary if you prefer.
  • Bake for 50-60 minutes or until cooked through but don't over cook, as they might be tough.

    The chicken was tender, juicy, cooked perfectly. I served it over some frozen beans which I cooked in the microwave per manufacturers directions, with some salt and pepper in the same dish (corning ware) that I'd baked the chicken so that it was covered in the lovely baked juices.
    I cooked the potatoes too in the microwave,  for about 5 minutes on High after cutting them into cubes or whole, after poking holes in them with a fork and rubbing them with some oil and salt. After 5 minutes switch off the mirowave and let sit for 1-2 minutes. If they feel like they are not done simply nuke them for a few minutes longer. Microwaved potatoes taste just like they have been baked and are soo easy! This is the only way I cook potatoes now.
    This baked chicken offers many variations. Next time I will try seasoning the chicken with lemon juice salt  and pepper. This chicken can be served over rice, with pasta, in a sanwich with freshly baked bread, in soups etc.

    Edited on 17th Nov 2010 to add:
    This has become my go-to recipe whenever I'm exhausted after a day of running behind our little crawling monkey who is all over the place. I made it again tonight when the thought of slicing and stirring made me want to cry. Today I used:
    2 chicken breasts ( I buy a big pack of individually ice glazed chicken breasts from costco and defrost in the microwave)
    1/4 th spoon of lemon pepper
    1 tsp of oregano leaves
    1/4 tsp of pepper powder
    A light sprinkling of adobo goya seasoning salt
    1/4 cup of gralic infused olive oil
    1 whole russet potato cut into cubes

    I also spread some of the garlic infused olive oil on some bread (or use regualr olive oil and just rub a fresh garlic glove cut in half over the bread) and put it on a cookie sheet in the oven during the last 10 mins to have some garlic bread on the side as well. Easy and delicious dinner and I barely had to cook it!


    1. Thanks for putting this up and letting me find it. I also use the costco chicken breasts and would like a new way to cook them. When you, like me, have been cooking for nearly 60 years , you need new recipes.

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