Meet my container herb garden :)

I come from a family of agriculturists but thought I had not inherited my grandfather and grandmother's green thumbs. I had grown to accept this fact after I killed the cute pink headed cactus from watering it so much it actually rotted. I mean who could kill a cactus? But then the whole cooking thing happened and I was always out of that crucial bit of mint or cilantro that makes such a wow of a difference and I began wishing for my own herb garden so that I could have these whenever I wanted. I missed the curry leaf tree at home which grew right behind the kitchen. I used to just reach out the window to pluck some while I was cooking.
A trip to home depot was all it took and now I'm all set with my container herb garden in my little apartment patio- Mint, Cilantro (Coriander) which I use a lot in Indian dishes so can't wait for them to become a little bushier before I use them. My Chives have exploded and are doing very well and so is the Lemon thyme. I used some of the chives on my baked chicken and it was extra yummy! Am so proud! I just might have that green thumb after all! Now I just need to find me a curry leaf plant. And then who knows, tomatoes, strawberries, spinach maybe?
Here is a visitor. I tossed him out but he was back the next day. Hope he is gone now. Mr. Snail I'm sorry but you are just not welcome here. But you all, thank you for visiting!

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