Hello from India!

Hope you are all doing great. I missed you! Thank you to all of you who wished and prayed for our safe trip here. Our flight down could not be more pleasant. The monkey was as good as gold, charming the Flight Attendants who took turns carrying him around.Though often he tried climbing over my shoulders which was not fun for me, trying to stand on my head to converse in very confident streams of gibberish to the amused co-passengers behind us!
I must confess I hardly missed blogging otherwise, these last two weeks that I was without the internet and all its attractions/addictions! We were busy travelling to my mom's and dad's homes in Kerala and enjoying meeting our large families, who were meeting the little one for the first time. 

We have been marveling at sights like this:

He makes climbing coconut trees look easy
And rekindling memories

The old Amby that is about the same age as me. Wait, that didn't come out right!

And creating some new ones!

My flower obsessed little monkey
The little monkey is completely enjoying all the attention he is getting though I am hoping he doesn't get too used to it! He is also gleefully discovering such  new and fascinating (for him) things like colourful clothes pins, ceiling fans (a-FAN-uh!) and crows (Kaa-kaas)  and most of all newspapers ( shame on his net addicted parents). Everyone is disappointed that he has ignored their gifts of fancy toy cars with flashing lights and beeping horns and other toys and prefers rolling a big plastic bucket around and throwing news papers in the air and chasing bits of paper around the room. I am thrilled that he finds so much glee in such simple things- atleast at the moment! 

Of course his mamma is more interested in all the awesome food. Oh the food! I have been FEASTING eating many wonderful meals like this:

Pearl spot (Karimeen) Fish Fry, Dal ( Parippu), Beef and Chinese Potatoes ( Koorka)
And cooking and baking and learning a lot from my grandmom and aunts and now that I am connected to the net again I will be posting some awesome recipes. See you soon with a recipe and not just pictures!


  1. If I knew magic i would be there sitting in front of that table of delicious food especially for karimeen. Happy to hear you are having a fab time in Kerala.

  2. Thank you Finla! I wish I knew magic too :)

  3. Lovely pics dear, happy to know that you are having fun time there and also ur lil one. Get all the pampering, yum platters. Wish i was there:)

  4. Lovely and amazing snaps. Hope you are enjoying your vacations. Loved the fish fry a lot.

  5. such lovely pictures and that fish fry is making me drool. It's been so song since i had crispy fish fry like that!
    You have fun out there dear :)

  6. lovely pictures!! enjoy and pamper urself!!....and coming to the pomfret recipe....??? it looks yum!

  7. the picture of the table sure has me drooling... and such a warm and homey pic... enjoy urself!

  8. Enjoy ur trip, delicious foods,seriously missing it..

  9. So much fun to go home! Great pictures. Drooling over the fried fish..Yummm!

  10. Hey Rose, I've tagged you for the 7 links challenge. Please, check it out in my blog :)


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