Kerala Kitchen for the month of March is now open!

Kerala Kitchen warmly welcomes you to another month of cooking, Kerala style! So grab those uralis and get cooking, making sure you mail in our Kerala inspired  (either by the cuisine or common Kerala ingredients and flavors) delicacies to me by the 30th of March 2011 to magpiemails AT gmail DOT com with the subject line Kerala Kitchen, and with your name, link to the post as well as a picture ( preferably a thumbnail, no wider than 300 pixels) 
  • Make sure to add a link to this post as well as the main event page of  Kerala Kitchen to the posts you are submitting! 
  • You can submit older posts too- simply add a link to this post as well as the main event page Kerala Kitchen and mail me the links to your posts. Due to popular demand, you no longer need to re-post older posts
  • For more info and guidelines and for the event logos check out the main event page here
  • CHALLENGE RECIPE: Also this month, in addition to any Kerala inspired dishes you are cooking,  I thought I would invite you to join me in a challenge, and try out something that not many may have tried before, making the Malabar Chatti Pathiri from Riascollection. I urge you all, in case you haven't already, to go to her beautiful blog and check out the awesome recipe and stunning pics here 
When I first saw this layered and filled "Malyali Lasagna" as she calls it, on her blog, I immediately fell in love with it, but was somewhat intimidated to try it. So why not try it out together this month? We can share tips and maybe even come up with inspired versions of this awesome dish! I am excited by a common challenge that we can all tackle together this month. Would welcome suggestions for challenging and unique dishes (inspired by Kerala of course) for us all to try together in the future. Do leave your thoughts and comments on this.

Updated: Since a few people asked for suggestions to make a veggie version of this, Ria suggests replacing the chicken with cooked veggies like peas, carrots, potato, mushroom etc. and also chopped paneer and soy nuggets.
Shabs recommends using a Simmer Plate in case you have problems with the bottoms burning ( haha that sentence just made me laugh!) This gadget is useful in even heat distribution and protecting your pans and food from burning during prolonged cooking- like when making dum biriyani. Or you can just keep an aluminium or steel plate or flat lid ( without a knob) under the saucepan. Or just make sure you use a heavy bottom saucepan and very gentle heat.

As usual badges will be awarded to:
  • Top Dish
  • Best Pic
  • Top Contributor : Most number of entries
  • Member: All participants will get Kerala Kitchen member badges
So get your game on!

The round up for the March Kerala Kitchen should be up by the 1st of  April (will try not to play any pranks :) The round up for last month will be posted soon on a brand new blog for Kerala Kitchen that we are working on, so watch out for it soon! 


  1. blogged puli-inji yday; will link it and the challenge looks great; will try !

  2. This's wonderful news- the March event as well as a new website!!

    As usual, I'm looking forward to put in few of my recipes and see the delicacies that everyone shares. Btw, loved the idea of a challage this time, though I have to say that our chatti pathiri is different from the version posted in Ria's page.

  3. Waiting to see your dishes ladies! Plateful- I would love to see your version of Chatti Pathiri!
    I am considering an alternate filling too.

  4. gulp! chatti pathiri and that too its lent already... i'll need to figure out a veggie filling for it.

  5. Sarah- will be awesome to see your veggie filling idea! Hmm wonder what it will be- mini soy nuggets? Paneer? Mushrooms? Am sure it will be yummy in any case!

  6. I just posted a simple Kerala meal... on my page
    would like to share that @

  7. First time here...nice event...will try to participate...


  8. Oh magpie, thats so sweet of u to link me here...i was just going thru the recipe and found it out...i somehow have to make it for this event, as i promised u....u will havr to wait though, might be just before the deadline....btw, LOL @ the burned too cant stop laughing at that one:)

  9. Great thanks a lot, I'm gonna prepare everything for the competition, I'm sure that this month i'm gonna win.


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