BBQ Cookoff

Last Saturday Geek and I bundled Jelly Bean into the car seat for a half hour ride to Morgan Hill for the "No Bull" BBQ cook off. Well that sounded much easier than it is. First the sleep deprived newbie parents need to wake up, then there are various tasks including sterilizing milk bottles, boiling water and then cooling it in an ice bath, measuring out formula into little containers, finding the pacifier that always disappears just when you need it and re-appears in some random spot when baby is cooing and chuckling and has no need for it, and so on and so forth and hence it was 5 pm by the time we got there and sadly the cook-off was long done :(
We still had a good time- there were some craft stalls, AWESOME strawberry shortcake, lots of beer so the Geek was happy, and a local band, kids somersaulting on the grass in the open air amphitheater and the festive fair feel that just makes everyone all happy.
Oh and we still had those ribs we were craving at a cozy BBQ place that had taken part in the cook off called Trail Dust. Maybe because we were extra hungry, everything including the soft crusty bread, beans with slow cooked pieces of pork and the baked potato that came with our order was divine.The highlight of the day however was the yummalicious blackberry-blueberry-strawberry-apple cobbler served in a little bowl with a flaky pastry top that had just a hint of lime and cinnamon, and crunchy sugar on top. I scraped the bowl clean and now I HAVE to make it. Watch this space :)

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